Kingfisher Flyfishing CompanyTop Guides, Fine Lodging, and Essential Gear for the Lower Laguna Madre

Top Guides, Fine Lodging, and Essential Gear for the Lower Laguna Madre

Prices for Kingfisher Services

Groups welcome! Capts. Randy and Scott work closely with our associate guides to provide a memorable experience, both on the water, and at the dock. Please contact us with your specific group's information and desired dates, and we will get back to you with prices and options.

Guided Flyfishing

Prices: $500 for an extended half day (six hours) for one or two persons, or $600 for a whole day (eight hours+) for one to two fishing persons. We do not take more than two anglers per boat, not only because the Stilt is rated for only three persons total, but we have found that three anglers actually catch fewer than two anglers. We want to provide the highest-quality fishing experience possible, and that means advocating for policies that may cost you more, but result in a far more enjoyable trip.

Master Flyfishing Instruction with Capt. Scott

Lucille Ball once said that she would rather regret the things that she’d done than the things she hadn’t done. The Master Flyfishing Instruction program is about not holding back. So at this juncture in my life, when I don't want to be guiding 100 days a year, but want to make a difference in a few mens' lives, I now offer Master Flyfishing Instruction. I've always enjoyed working with passionate flyfishers who want to push the envelope of their knowledge and skills, and to experience new surprises in saltwater flyfishing. This is available for one angler at a time. The cost for this service is $850. It encompasses a dawn-to-dusk adventure on the Laguna Madre, comparable to two half days, or 12+ hours on the water (normally 2x$450=$900). The MFI includes the following:

  • Fishing with me. I have always believed that the best way for you to learn advanced methods is for you to flyfish with me, in order for you to learn what’s possible in every conceivable venue.
  • Wading as the ultimate full-immersion experience, and the key to non-invasive fishing methods.
  • Learning advanced casting methods, including, in particular, the double-haul backcast, and the Heron Haul upwind cast. These casting methods will allow you to fish almost 360 degrees in moderate to strong winds.
  • Advanced line management while wading.
  • Overcoming assumptions that impede your success, such as “the fish aren’t eating,” or “they’re finicky.” I will coach you on challenging these self-limiting assumptions.
  • Sight casting on the sand just before dark, a radical departure from the usual guiding schedule.
  • The day includes an assortment of 12 flies tied by Capt. Scott, a copy of his book, Healing the Fisher King, and a wine and cheese ceremony at sundown.

Deposit and Cancellation Policy

Weather-related cancellation or rescheduling prior to arrival:
We are always willing to cancel your visit -- even up to the last minute -- if we expect poor weather conditions. The bottom line is: We want you to have a good time so you'll come back and refer your friends to us. If we consider it okay, and you don't, then we'd like you to reschedule your visit if it's a last-minute decision. Otherwise the standard cancellation policy is in effect.

Standard non-weather cancellations before arrival:

When you book a trip at Kingfisher, we take your credit card number, but we do not run deposits, except for groups of four or more. We expect to be notified of non-weather related cancellations four weeks in advance.

Weather-related fishing cancellations after arrival:

Moderate to strong southeast winds are part of any average fly fishing day, so that alone does not justify cancelling the day. But if a strong windy cold front, a thundershower, or a tropical depression threatens, we will be the first to call off the fishing. If any of your guided fishing trips have to be cancelled due to weather after you have arrived, then the amount you would have paid for that fishing trip will be subtracted from your total bill.